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Software Defined Radio Development

Spectric Labs has extensive experience developing software defined radio solutions to meet our customers' most challenging missions needs.  We develop and deliver full-stack SDR solutions from front-end hardware selection through digital signal processing software development to custom user interface design.

Data Analytics

Our software solutions help our customers understand and interpret their data.  In a world where the intelligence analyst can easily be overwhelmed by a large volume of data from disparate sources, our custom analysis tools help the user make connections and find the data most likely to be valuable.

Visualization Development

Complex data requires intelligent visualization.  Spectric Labs develops custom visualization tools that help data consumers see and understand all the data they need in interactive environments with intuitive interfaces.

System Integration and Maintenance

The job's not done just because the engineer can run the software in a test environment.  Spectric Labs supports the full life cycle of our software solutions.  We work closely with each customer to integrate our solutions into that customer's existing eco-system, train users to use the product to its fullest extent, and continue to support the software in operations.

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